two hands, one guitar
Photo by Michael Rauner
Brook great blues sea
Photo by Steve Johnson
percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar journeys
Photo by Steve Johnson
percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar 
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  Download a movie of Brook's Elbo Room Performance, 5/17/2004

Portraits of my dear musical companions

Nice photo, same gig as below (9/30/06): "The Great Blues Sea"
Brook with Evelie SalÚs, Sumir, & Cypress, playing "The Great Blues Sea" (photo, "The Nomad") 9/30/06, Nomad Cafe
"Summerland", at Chateau Lerisdoux, Givet, France, 8/3/2006. Photo by Sammy Van Der Weijden
Relaxing, listening to another artist at the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival, Mexico, March, 2006. Photo by Steve Johnson
The Nomad continues to be such a wonderful supporter of my music. and, "the nomad" takes some terrific photos, too. 01/13/06
The band, the Nomad, 01/13/06
"Nothing up my sleeve!" Concert at camp in Barchem, The Netherlands, August 4, 2005. Photo by Peti
Nomad Cafe, May, 2005. Photo by The Nomad.
Cypress, Diana, and Brook at Pagan Fest, Berkeley, CA, May, 2005. Photo by Luke Hauser
The Nomad Cafe, Oakland, 02/11/05. Photo by The Nomad.
The Nomad Cafe, 9/9/04. (Photo Nomad Cafe)
7/24/04 Hoorn, Holland, house concert for friends. (Photo: Oliver Greef)
Mokai and Brook jamming at the Elbo Room, San Francisco, May 17, 2004. Photo by
With Mokai, at the Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, 3/17/2004. Playing the blues! You can just make out my slide on the pinky of my left hand. As usual, I'm singing along with what I'm playing. (photo by CC)
Digging in at the Nomad, Oakland, 3/12/2004, with DJ Hamouris and Mark Patrella on bass. (photo Nomad Cafe)
At Pantheacon, 2/14/2004 with the Blue Stream Band. Avalon Rising's Mark Ungar on Bass and Scott Irwin on drums, and Cynthia and Esse Mealy on backup vocals. (photo by Robin Dolan)
With Al Shachman (Nina Simone's guitar player) at the Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, 12/29/2002. I think Al was soloing on my tune, "The Great Blues Sea". Bruce Langhorn (piano) and Mark Simos (fiddle) were with us on that date, too: The Honky Tonk Communists, David Miller's band. They're just off camera to either side. The joint was packed and groovin'. I'm guessing that most of the audience didn't know they were listening to a jazz legend (Al), a rock legend (Bruce), and a traditional music/song writing legend (Mark). Of course, they did get David's incredible and unique story as the "Honky Tonk Communist". (photo by Starhawk)
With David Miller at the Bazaar Cafe, (same as above)
With David Miller and David Agretellis at Cell Space, San Francisco, November, 2001
House concert, Berkeley, November, 2000
Soloing with Doug Steven's band at Pride, San Francisco, (circa 1998?) (Photo by Anne Skeffington)
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