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1 sentence: "The guitar playing is phenomenal and quite original" Darryl Salach, Target Magazine

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"Brook's versatile and accomplished guitar playing runs a gamut from blues to jazz to folk. The playing and singing is by turns reflective, relaxing, and stirring." Bill Dewey, Reclaiming Quarterly.

Brook's original themes start from the heart, take wing through personal transformation, move out through their connection with the natural world, and on into empowered action.

Since the release of his first solo album, Brook has been consistently touring in the United States and Western Europe as well as appearing as a Featured Artist at the Zihautanejo International Guitar Festival in March 2006.

He has worked with roots greats Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, and he has supported numerous national and local musicians in just about every American musical genre from folk and blues through jazz, swing, rock, funk, soul, and country. Among these are: Anne Hill, Linda Hirschorn, Mokai, Opie Bellas, and T. Thorn Coyle, Bruce Langhorn, Michaelle Gorlitz, Laurie Lewis, Mimi Fox.

Brook's song, "12 Long Years" (co-written with Bernie Gilbert) hit #2 on the Broadjam top ten in the Chicago Blues category on December 11th, 2006. Broadjam ratings are based upon the reviews of the participants. In the same week, iSound placed 2 of Brook's recordings into it's blues radio rotation. There, you can hear Brook's take on the perennial favorite, "Gambler's Blues" (listed third) and "12 Long Years" (listed fifth). . And, Brook was an "Artist of the Month" for K&K Sound in January, 2007.

His recordings can be heard on Internet stations like Split Open and Melt Radio. And he can be heard on radio stations in the United States and Western Europe, notably: ALOOGA Radio in Germany and Radio SINAI in Belgium, and in select markets in the United States.

While teaching jazz improvisation at Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo, as well at the University of California Los Angeles, he played with many of the premier blues and jazz groups and performers in the area. Among them San Luis Jazz, Avanti, singer Myra Echols, Dorsey band alumnus Marty Wright, former Birdland pianist Fletcher Peck, Motown recording artist Renaldo Jackson, and the Montreux Jazz Festival Award winning Cuesta College Community Jazz Band.

Brook’s music reflects his activism: among his original material are songs about social justice, grass-roots action, peace and environmental awareness. Additionally, he has worked with many groups internationally as a facilitator and consensus trainer.

FULL BIO is available online or in printable PDF format.

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"Like his first CD, this recording is held together by Brook's versatile and accomplished guitar playing, which runs a gamut from blues to jazz to folk. The live recording enhances the presence of the playing and singing, which is by turns reflective, relaxing, and stirring...For listeners wanting a roots-ier feel to their Pagan music, this CD and its predecessor are a great place to start." - Bill Dewey - Reclaiming Quarterly

"Brook is the one who impressed me the most. Besides his good jazz and blues sense on bass and guitar, he's a fine writer." - Lisa Gygax, East Bay Perspectives.
These are a few of the venues and festivals Brook has performed at (mostly in Northern California) 
(Click here for printable version/PDF  contains a more complete list):

Ashkenaz, Bazaar Café, Berkeley Jazz Festival, College of Marin, The Elbo Room, EPIC Arts Center, Finn Hall, Freight & Salvage, Hotel Cosmo, La Peña Cultural Center, Mercury Cafe - Denver, Modern Times Bookstore, Monday Club, No Name, Nomad Cafe, The Nameless, Oh! My Goddess - Denver, Panama Hotel, Pantheacon, Park Chalet, Piatti Restaurant, Railroad Cafe, Simple Pleasures Cafe, SoMa Gallery, Sonnenhof at Getalo - Germany, Swiss Hotel, University of Illinois – Springfield.

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