Podcasting Arrives

It’s been a whirlwind since I returned from Mexico. Reverent Offering played another performance/ritual at CounterPULSE in San Francisco. Then, the next weekend, DJ Hamouris and I played another of our monthly gigs at the Nomad. The next night, instead of accompanying Jayn Pettingill who got the horrid flu going round, customers had a surprise Brook Concert with backing vocals by Cypress.

Since getting back I’ve been so inspired to integrate some of the amazing techniques that I saw fellow performers using. Not that I’ve mastered any of those folks’ beautiful playing. But they did inspire me to reach further with my own playing. It’s been fun (and sometimes, frustrating – learning is that process) to try lots of new right-hand techniques to try and fill out my playing.

In honor of all that great guitar work, I’m want to initiate my very own podcast with a test performance from December. As always, with these tests, I welcome comments and ideas to make the music better.

I played this piece in Zihautanejo, as well as at The Nomad, just before I left (and when I got back, too)

For this initial podcast, please listen to Andulasion Mist Test

You may subscribe to my podcasts by putting this link in itunes (I’ve tested it):

I will be posting casts about bi-weekly. Expect test recordings, recordings from live shows, demo material from one of the bands I work with, and other unreleased material. I might also post some exercise material from my workshops.

Welcome to Brook’s podcasts. I believe that these will be available via RSS feed.

Happy May Day. I hope that the powers that be now understand that the United States cannot function without the immigrants who daily do the tasks that citizens prefer not to do.



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