Like the Moon

Stumbling my way past the sacrifice of the Sun on his greatest day, the Solstice, I’m moving house to Oakland. The house is filled to overflowing with boxes and more boxes and more things that need to be boxed. Ugh!

In the meantime, I snuck in giving a rhythm workshop at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, yesterday, Sunday. Participants seemed really enjoy it, get something out of the work.

And, I got myself into trouble in a few jam sessions – lots of swing players. There were even swing players who know the difference between a progressive player like myself and the more “traditional” playing only those nice 6th chords that they love so much. “Hey, don’t put that minor 7th in there – it’s wrong!”. Of course, in my music world, the minor 6th and minor 7th are just about the same chord – pretty interchangeable AND, I get to play around with the rhythm, a lot. Diff’ent strokes and all. Hope I didn’t offend anyone too much? I’m not very traditional, I’m afraid.

I also went to a wonderfully heart opening “Polyrhythm Choir” workshop given by Tony Elman late in the day. He is soooo good at circle singing. He had us not only moving to a trancy 3, “step, step-step, step-step”, but singing parts as we moved. My feet gave out, but not my voice.

While at Tony’s workshop, I also ran into my dear friend, Max Ventura. For those of you who have “Second Chants”, Max is that gorgeous obligato soaring above “When We Are Gone”. And, she and Johnny Hornung are the voices the come in on “His Mystery” after my vocal solo. I’m very excited that Max will be working with Reverent Offering. To start, she’ll be singing for peace with us as we do a Ritual for Peace at the Livermore Labs on August 6th.

Before I lose my fast internet access for 2 weeks due to my move, I thought I’d give you something to listen to. This podcast is from a concert I did in Boulder in March of this year. It’s a rendition of Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney’s “Like the Moon”. It features my singing and an acoustic guitar solo. It’s just a mix off of the board, so please don’t expect this to sound like one of my albums. But, in the spirit of sharing things that otherwise might not get released, hopefully this will be something you’ll like?

Let me know what you’re thinking, either about this podcast, or whatever.

Peace and Summer blessings,


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