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I find a great place to collect some opinions about my work. Still – it can be trying to winnow useful information from the process. Many of the reviewers do seem to want to shred – I guess perhaps it’s an opportunity to let it “all fly”, since reviews are given anonymously? Or, perhaps it’s strategy to get one’s own material on to the top 10?

I don’t know.

I’ve had some seriously shredding comments up there that did not fall into the category, “feedback to make the work better”.

Even so, as I’ve posted previou, my slow blues, “12 Long Years”, has made it more than once into the top 10 in the Blues category, for which I’m very grateful. Considering some of the things that have been said about what my fans tell me are their favorite numbers, I guess that’s quite an achievement and very unexpected. Thank you reviewers for your hard work.

Today, I logged in to upload a couple of tests from my upcoming solo guitar album (watch this space and my podcasts for more information and perhaps some samples as time goes along). I’d like to see what folks have to say about the work.

In the meantime, I looked at a couple of reviews of “12 Long Years” that I hadn’t seen yet. Posted was this wonderful comment that I hope the poster, “Bruce”, doesn’t mind my reposting here? Thank you, Bruce, whomever and where ever you are for not only this compliment, but for your other thoughtful critique, which I take very much to heart.

“You … write this gorgeous blues masterpiece! I think your construction is completely classic for the standard and you’ve done a beautiful job. Your voice, especially, is tender / convincing and the whole sound is more intimate than many other blues artists. Just a very, very good work – thank you!”

Well, thank you, Bruce. Please, do help broadjam stay out of the shredding morass with useful critique as you’ve given me.



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