East Bay Community Show

Tomorrow Afternoon, I’ll be doing a neighborhood show at my local market place. How cool is that?

I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Farmer Joes Marketplace. It’s in my neighborhood (biking distance! Yeah!) It’s a locally owned family business who source locally as they can, with eco-conscious ethos. I feel blessed to have Farmer Joes near me.

I was buying a latte from the fellow who runs the little espresso stand (Cuppa Joes) on the patio front of the market a couple of weeks ago. He expressed interest in my music. I gave him some mp3s to add to his play list (and because he’s a great guy!). He loved the music and invited me to play a couple of Saturday afternoons on the patio at the market. November 28th & December 19th, starting at 1PM.

I love it!

* Giving back to my home community.
* Supporting a couple of conscious businesses (Farmer Joes and Cuppa Joes, who are also Salaam Coffee).

This is right up my alley, to be sure, true community service.

Not that I actually like playing music for folks or anything like that!!!! (liar, liar!)

As the many folks who know me know only to well, I love to play. So this is a match made in heaven.

If you’re around, come by Famer Joes between 1-5.
I won’t play all that time (you might have to take a post-Thanksgiving turn through the market!). But I will do 2 solid sets, one at 1 and one later in the afternoon.

In 2 weeks (December 5th, 7PM), I’ll be at The Bazaar Cafe. I think it’s been about 5 or 6 years since I played there under my name, though I’ve played a few shows there over the years at the invitation of musical friends, as I did with Mokai in September.

The Bazaar cafe is a strictly acoustic space, strictly original music, a true “listening room”.

Plus, as Farmer Joes and Cuppa Joes, The Bazaar Cafe is a conscious business, a right-livelihood for the owner and his workers. The food & drink are terrific. It’s so great to work with and support business like this one.

I’m sharing the show with my long time collaborator, Bernie Gilbert, master of the sharp lyric turn, the parody, and the heart tugging story in song. If you’re a Charlie King fan, perhaps you know Bernie’s “Apple Song”, which Charlie has recorded?

And, my dear friend, Robert Temple, asked me to play a few songs for the holiday craft fair that takes place along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley on the 20th of December. Since that’s the day before the Solstice, my set will be early in the afternoon – I have to get to other things by sunset! Robert will be sharing his amazing alternate tuned guitar work and warm, R&B tinged baritone & socially conscious songs with us all day – interspersed with bevy of his buddies – like me!

Take are, all,


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