Autumn Leaves

For quite a while, I’ve noticed that an old, live recording of “Autumn Leaves” that I posted gets a lot of hits and downloads. Hmmm?

Recently, I was doing a little googling and discovered that our live recording has made it into a download collection of versions of “Autumn Leaves” The collection can also be found here

Autumn Leaves Album Art

OK – it would have been nice had the album compilers let me know that they were including our cut. That’s a heck of thing to discover by accident through a google search, yes? A bit weird. The “new” music business sometimes appears to be similar to the “bad old days” when producers regularly used others’ work with no notice. And, I did make this cut available for download from my site, tis true.

Still, I can’t argue with being included alongside luminaries like:

• Diana Krall
• Eva Cassidy
• Keith Jarrett
• Bill Evans
• Nat King Cole
• Frank Sinatra

How cool is that? Thanks!

Funny thing about the cut is that I made it available because at the time, I only had a few recent examples of my jazz playing – That is, I just wanted to fill in my downloads page with examples of my jazz work. Downloads take on a life of their own.

Opie Bellas, the vocalist, had rejected this cut from inclusion on The Joyce Baker Group album release, for whatever reasons she may have had at the time.

I do think that there’s some nice interchange (in my humble opinion) between the band members – live jazz as it’s happening. The music is far from perfect, though.

What’s worse about this release is that the compilers didn’t actually credit the correct band, The Joyce Baker Group, nor Opie as the vocalist. Tsk, tsk. Let me set the record straight here, please.

Sorry Joyce, Opie, Lee Elfenbein (basist). The compilation mislabeling is NOT my fault. I have you fully credited on my web site, as you may expect. I did not and do not take solo credit for the cut – the distributors put my name on top of our collective work – they didn’t ask me about it.

Autumn Leaves Live by the Joyce Baker Group Featuring Opie Bellas and Magic Brook was a result of the collaboration of the members of the band with whom I was privileged to play. Joyce, as I’ve written previous here, is one of my favorite drummers and a dear friend.

And, please, readers, don’t get me wrong.

I’m tickled pink to be in such illustrious company. Still, I do not dream in my wildest dreams to play jazz at the level of some of these folks. By the way, Eva Cassidy’s version of Autumn Leaves is one of my favorites. Pure genius.

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m playing at Avonova Studios on Sunday March 28th, 3PM.

The Avonova set will be my one appearance in solo concert this Spring in the Bay Area. Please do come out. I have some new material to share, as well as material from my well received and well played album, last year, “The Source

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