Avonova Studio Oakland March 28th 2010

My friend, Jimmie Pederson, has lovingly crafted an art filled performance space near Rockridge in Oakland. Jimmie’s an architect by trade. He knows a lot about spaces, light, movement, all those important variables that can create a welcoming space. Or if these factors are not attended to correctly, I wonder just how long I will have to be confined, (wink)

On March 28th, 3PM, Jimmie is hosting me in my guise as intrepid solo acoustic guitar explorer: Magic Brook. I’m honored, considering some of the company Jimmie keeps at Avonova.

Jimmie himself sings and plays many instruments (many of which he has in the space, including a lovely grand piano!) – he’s very musical. And, he has wide tastes. At Avonova, I’ve heard edgy jazz rituals, all manner of concerts, recitals, interesting genres and ethnic fusions.

Please join me at Jimmie’s remarkable space for a musical Sunday afternoon. One can walk from Rockridge BART. And, there’s even parking on the street.

Somehow, attendees always manage to manifest an interesting snack table. Bring a snack or drink or wine, if you can.

We’re asking $12 at the door, though tickets can be purchased at brownpapertickets.com ahead of time. And, no one will be turned away. (details, below)

And, indeed in the spirit of Jimmie’s generosity I will offer my recordings for whatever you care to pay. That means that you can leave with a recording for free, if that’s what you can afford.

Since this is the only concert that I’ve booked this Spring in the Bay Area, please join me on Sunday, March 28th in Oakland. We’ll be surrounded by Jimmie’s perma-culture orchard, light streaming through the huge windows, music streaming from my hands, perhaps our voices joined together?

I would dearly love to see you. Bring along your personal favorites of mine and I’m happy to play them for you. Or, email these ahead of time and I’ll work your favorites into the show.


March 28, 2010 3:00 PM
Avonova Studio
Oakland, CA
$12.00@ door
Info 510.315.1104

Take care all,


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