Give a Listen to Hippie Tendencies

Sometimes, the social network does actually bring some very interesting people and in this case, music, to me.

A couple of years ago I got hooked up to Hippie Tendencies through MySpace. I really loved a couple of demos they had posted. This music has charm to spare on top of excellent composition, thoughtful lyrics, and killer execution. The rhythm section grooves.

Since the singer, Lisa Marie Simmons, was kind enough to give me a lovely comment on my myspace profile, I started a long-distance conversation with her. She’s lived and worked in Italy for a while. There, she ran into some jazz players and together they built a terrific band with their collective abilities.

Imagine a great wide-ranging jazz rhythm section, terrific keyboard player coupled with great singing, all wrapped up in a sometimes funny, occasionally ironic pop structure.

Anyway, I was very taken with their demo.

A few weeks ago, Lisa sent me their completed album. I think it more than delivers on the promise from the demos. These are thoughtful songs that are carefully crafted by world-class musicians. This album has made it into my regular play list. I find myself singing the hooks unconsciously.

Comments from some of the folks with whom I’ve shared Hippie Tendencies are, “I love her voice”, and “I want to bathe in the vocals, like I do with Suzanne Sterling”

Lisa has an activist side which I find very resonant. And I really enjoy her sense of humor. “Poppy Rock” takes a shot at our commoditized music business where original music has trouble finding a place. And “Shame” takes a shot of all of us when we’re unconscious about how our behavior affects the world in which we live.

I’d like to give particular kudos to the group’s drummer who may have some of the best brushes technique that I’ve heard in a very long time. The bass player creates a big fat bass float upon which to the rest of the music can rest easily.

I told the band that I’d be happy to plug them from my little neck of the Web universe. I encourage you to give them a listen.


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